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March 25, 2010


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Tom Darlington

Not only does Data.gov.uk facilitate interesting, quirky and useful applications such as the ASBOmeter - but also helps the government appear more transparent, crucial in a time when we have MPs defrauding the country with their scandalous abuse of expenses and trust of the ruling class is at an all time low.

Aside from this, it represents great use of emerging technology which is all focussed on location. Smart phones and services such as Google's Latitude and Foursquare allow us to make better use of now - where and what we are doing at any single moment in time.

The implications for marketeers is significant - as the technology and its use becomes more widespread - brands will be able to communicate with their consumers right up to the point of purchase. John Willshire has written an interesting piece on what he has called "immediacy theory" - sort of Recency theory 2.0 i guess - http://tinyurl.com/ykqre69.

As communications professionals, we have often worried about the "final six feet" - with smart phones and location based services that distance could be more like the final foot.

Tim Forrest

I wonder if the last foot is becoming the last few seconds - the problem is not so much distance as time. Dazzle Ships and others have written previously about attention scarcity and whether you laughed at it in 'Up' (Squirrel!) or smirked at the Twitter 'as near zero point between interruptions' that appears in this amusing blog entry http://saurondor.blogspot.com/2007/03/micro-blogging-or-just-obnoxious-web.html
then time would seem to be of the essence.

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